Private School Problems

Just a few of the many problems private school students have to endure! These relate to private school, prep school and boarding students mostly but anyone feel free to follow to experience the world of private school problems. These problems are from real life experiences from the creators of this blog plus also inspired from stories that friends and classmates have told us. Enjoy!

There's three of us who contribute to this blog. So questions and posts are answered/created by either one of us.

Submissions and ideas please!

Please feel free to send in submissions, suggestions and ideas to us! There’s no guarantee we’ll post it but if we like it we shall. Also tell us your school colours if you like and we’ll do the post in those colours! We’re looking for quotes about school you’ve heard or said, preppy fashion rules/guidelines and anything else you think will suit our blog. Remember the wittier the better.

From the pps team

coutureforever asked: Studying for finals at the country club

Call me old fashioned but I like to do well at school thus I stick to the library. 


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